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K and Pre K Grade Level

1. There were 2 peacocks at the zoo. You can see them in the first box. The peacocks were so popular that the zoo got 2 more peacocks. Point to the picture that shows how many peacocks are now at the zoo.
2. How many cups are there?
3. How many birds are shown below?
4. Choose the row with the most eggs.
5. Larissa was choosing beads for a necklace. She put them in a pattern like this in the first row. Which is next in the pattern item in the second row?

1st and 2nd Grade Level

6. A Magic Blanket - Read this for the Next 6 Questions:

My name is Marta and I have a magic blanket. My grandma made it for me. She used special sticks and string. It only took her three days to make it. I watched her do it and that is how I know my blanket is magic.

My grandma says that the sticks she used are called needles, but they don't look like needles. They are not sharp and a doctor would not use them to give a shot. My mom wouldn't use them to sew up a hole in my sock. But Grandma says they are special needles. I guess that's why they are magic.

The string she uses is called yarn. It is as pink as cotton candy and very fluffy. It started out like a smushy lump and Grandma and I made it into a ball. I held it and she rolled it up. Grandma says it is easier to use this way. I think it traps the magic inside.

Grandma puts the yarn on the needles in fancy loops and starts clicking the needles together. This is when the magic starts. The yarn moves from our ball to the needles. Grandma moves her hands quickly. All of a sudden, there is a little bit of blanket hanging from the needles!

Grandma keeps clicking her needles. Every time she stops, there is more blanket. After three days, Grandma says my blanket is ready. She hands it to me and gives me a big hug. I thank her for my magic blanket. She says it really is magic because she made it with love!

Marta’s blanket was made by?
7. Marta says her blanket is:
8. The needles that Grandma uses are:
9. The string that Grandma uses is called:
10. Marta helps Grandma put the special string into:
11. Grandma says the blanket is magic because it is made with:

3rd and 4th Grade Level

12. 132 ÷ 12 = ?
13. Which is 3 x (4 + 2) rewritten?
14. Which is not true?
15. This question will test your ability to use words in correctly written English. There are 3 lines of words. If you find a mistake in one of the lines, fill in the circle next to that line. If there are no mistakes, fill in the last circle that says, "no errors."
16. This question will test your ability to use words in correctly written English. There are 3 lines of words. If you find a mistake in one of the lines, fill in the circle next to that line. If there are no mistakes, fill in the last circle that says, "no errors."

5th and 6th Grade Level

17. Parent say to your child: "These next 5 questions will measure how well you understand what you read. Read the passage below. It is followed by questions about the piece you read. Choose the answer that you think is best."

Buried Treasure

Day 1: My mom calls my room “the cave”. I think it’s funny. I like to keep my room dark and there is a lot of stuff on the floor… and everywhere else. I kind of wonder what it would be like to be able to find the things I want when I want them, but so far it’s no big deal.

Day 4: I’ve started keeping my door shut so my mom doesn’t hassle me about “the cave”. If the door is closed, and her hands are full when she comes upstairs, maybe she won’t think to come back and check. I know she wouldn’t like the clean clothes and dirty ones both on the floor along with my homework, some Lego® toys, a couple of comic books, and one purple shoe. But that’s okay. It’s my space, and I like it this way.

Day 7: I accidentally left my door open and mom saw my room. As soon as I came home from school she was saying things about my “pig sty” and how terrible it is that I don’t even try to clean up a little. She was super mad about the clean clothes being mixed in with the dirty ones so she has to wash them again. I feel a little bad about that.

Day 10: I tried to shove things to the edges of my room today. I call it my optical illusion maneuver. Now you can see most of the rug in the middle of my room. If you look really fast, it looks clean. But you have to look REALLY fast. I don’t think mom will fall for it, but my fingers are crossed.

Day 12: Mom actually went in “the cave” today while I was in school. She said she had to tie a rope around her waist and the other end to the railing of the stairs so she could find her way out like an explorer. She told me that she threw away a WHOLE GARBAGE BAG of stuff and barely got out alive. I got super mad and yelled at her and she said that if I could go into my room and name three things she took out, she would give them back. I spent 45 minutes looking and I still don’t know what she took, but it looks like there’s less stuff there. She thinks it’s funny. I’m not amused.

Day 15: I lost my favorite necklace today. It’s one I got on vacation in Florida and it had a shark’s tooth on it. It was on my dresser between the lamp and the souvenir helmet from the ballpark. Well, there was also some change, a few gum wrappers, a lip balm, and whole bunch of game pieces that I hid from my brother. But I know the necklace was there sometime. Bummer.

Day 20: I am all for a challenge. Mom told me tonight that she hid a twenty dollar bill in my room. If I can find it, I can keep it. I bet I’ll hardly have to put anything away before I find the money. Then I’ll go buy that funny t-shirt I saw at the store.

21: This is harder than I thought. I went through my whole book shelf and found all sorts of things I had forgotten that I had. I put a bunch of books in a bag for my little cousin because I’m too old for them now. I found some pictures of my friends that I thought I had lost and even the ticket stubs from the concert my dad took me to last year. The shelves are clean, but I didn’t find the twenty bucks. But I will.

Day 22: Today I was busy after school in art club so I didn’t have as much time to look for the buried treasure in my room. That’s what I have decided to call the twenty dollars: buried treasure. It makes the whole thing more like an adventure.

From the passage, the reader can infer that in the beginning, the writer’s room is?:
18. The writer calls the twenty dollars:
19. In the first line of the second page, "optical illusion" most likely means:
20. This passage is written in:
21. The mom in this story finds a way to motivate the writer. The motivation is: