TExES Guide

The TExES Summary
What: The Texas Exam of Educator Standards (TExES)
Who: All candidates for teacher certification in Texas must take and pass this exam.
Where: Tests are given at test sites throughout the state of Texas.
When: The test is offered four times each year.
How: The test asks multiple choice, short answer, and speaking and listening questions.
Type: The test is offered via computer or on paper.
Why: All teachers must pass the TExES prior to receiving teacher certification in Texas.
Time: Varies depending on the test.
Language: English
Preparation: Test preparation guides and other materials are available for teacher candidates to study.
Cost: $120 for each test; $240 for the superintendent’s test.

By Erin Hasinger, Tests.com

The Texas Exam of Educator Standards (TExES) is a criterion-reference exam that is required for teachers as part of their state certification requirements before they are legally allowed to teach in Texas’ public school classrooms.

Tests are specific to the type of certification an aspiring teacher is seeking and are available for:


·         Agricultural Science and Technology

·         American Sign Language

·         Art

·         Bilingual Education

·         Braille

·         Business Education (6-12)

·         Chemistry (8-12)

·         Computer Science (8-12)

·         Dance (8-12)

·         Deaf and Hard of Hearing

·         English as a Second Language

·         English, Language Arts and Reading

·         French

·         Generalist (Elementary)

·         German

·         Gifted and Talented Education

·         Health

·         History (8-12)

·         Journalism (8-12)

·         Latin

·         Librarian

·         Life Science (8-12)

·         Marketing (8-12)

·         Math

·         Music

·         Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities

·         Physical Education

·         Physical Science (8-12)

·         Principal

·         Reading Specialist

·         School Counselor

·         Science

·         Social Studies

·         Spanish

·         Special Education

·         Speech (8-12)

·         Superintendent

·         Technology

·         Theatre

·         Visually Impaired


Each test includes two sections: competency statement and descriptive statements. The competency statement covers the broad knowledge and skills an entry-level teacher should have. The descriptive statements are more specific to the subject matter or specialization.

Tests are given either in paper and pencil format or over the computer. While most tests are exclusively multiple-choice, some do include open-ended written response questions or listening and speaking tasks.

Test candidates are eligible to sit for the TExES upon completion of an approved teacher preparation program, such as through a four-year college or university or an emergency or alternative path to teacher certification. Candidates must seek approval to take the test from their teacher preparation program prior to applying to take the exam.

Test candidates must create an account with the State Board for Educator Certification, and their approval to test will be indicated online through their account. Once approval is granted, candidates must then create a separate account with the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Registration will be completed online through the account with ETS. Each test has a $120 fee, though the superintendent test is $240. Test fees are due upon registration.

Tests are offered four times annually, and each test has a limited registration window. Candidates should check with their closest test site to confirm test locations and dates. Test sites are offered throughout the state of Texas.

Scores are reported on a scale of 100-300. 240 is the minimum score to pass. Points are not subtracted for incorrect answers. Test scores are posted to the test taker’s ETS account, generally within a week or so of the test date. Scores are only given online; no score reports are mailed to test takers’ homes.

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