2022 Edition

TEAS VI Test Guide

The TEAS Test Summary
What: An exam that tests individuals on basic academic knowledge and skills.
Who: The test is available to be taken by individuals looking to enter nursing school.
Where: The TEAS Qualifying Exam is offered at multiple locations across the U.S.
When: Testing dates and times vary.
How: The TEAS tests individuals on Science, Math, English, and Reading skills learned in high school.
Type: Tests are given in a computerized format.
Why: The TEAS is an assessment tool used to grant or deny an individual's entry into nursing school.
Time: 3 hours and 29 minutes
Language: English
Preparation: Individuals should re-familiarize themselves with fundamental knowledge learned in grades 10-12 in high school. Flash cards and exam preparation books are some helpful study aids.
Cost: Varies

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), administered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), is a pre-entry examination used to assess the fundamental academic knowledge and skills of individuals applying to nursing school. The TEAS does not test on any specific area of nursing, but is more of an overall measure of general academic education. 

The Test

There are 170 multiple choice questions on the TEAS which generally cover content learned in grades 10-12 in U.S. high schools. Only 150 of the items are scored and 20 are unscored pretest items.  A test-taker is given four separate timed tests, totaling 209 minutes, covering the following subjects:

  • Science  (53 questions)
    • This section tests an individual in such subjects as human anatomy and physiology, genetics and biology, chemistry, physics and scientific reasoning.
  • Math  (36 questions)
    • The Math section consists of problems involving metric conversion, whole numbers, fractions and decimals, percentages and ration/proportions, algebraic equations and geometry.
  • English  (28 questions)
    • This subcategory tests an individual's knowledge of grammar, punctuation, contextual words, sentence structure, and spelling.
  • Reading  (53 questions)
    • The Reading section asks an individual questions regarding passage comprehension, paragraph comprehension and inferences/conclusions.

Since the TEAS is offered in computer format, results are received immediately upon completion of the test. Scores are sent to schools requested by the test-taker and used in school admission and placement decisions.

If you are interested in finding additional help preparing for the TEAS, check out our TEAS Directory to find helpful study aids.

TEAS V Practice Test

Quality starts with who wrote the material.
Our practice exam writer
Anne Austin
is an adjunct instructor at Ventura College teaching biology and human anatomy courses and was formerly on the faculty of the North Carolina State University and the University of Houston teaching anatomy and biology. Anne holds a Master of Science degree from East Tennessee University.

Gioia Degenaars, MS
has been a science instructor and department chairperson for over 15 years. She obtained her degree in biology from Kings College and her teaching certification through the College of Saint Elizabeth.

Adel Arshaghi, MS
is a mathematics instructor who has taught mathematics at both the high school and college levels for over 10 years. He has his Master of Science degree in Mathematics Education from East Tennessee State University.

Lydia Wieberg
is a high school math teacher in Emporia, Kansas. She also teaches math to nursing students at Allen Community College. She holds bachelor degrees in math and secondary education from Kansas State University.

Jessica Carlson, MA
has taught English for over 10 years at both the high school and college levels. She is also a freelance editor and professional writer. She earned her Master's Degree in education from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Jill Mountain, MA
has taught English for over 10 years and has written English test questions for the SAT, GMAT and GRE. She earned her Master's Degree in English from the State University of New York, Stony Brook.

Michael Atkins, Ph.D
is an adjunct professor at Kaplan University. He holds a Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mark Mellett
is a Tests.com editor and former journalist. He was Executive Articles Editor for the Duquesne Law Review. Mark graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in classical literature and earned his juris doctorate from the Duquesne University School of Law.
Our ATI TEAS 6 practice exam has a simulation mode allowing you to simulate the actual exam in format, number of questions and time (209 minutes): 
  • Science  (53 questions)
  • Math  (36 questions)
  • English  (28 questions)
  • Reading  (53 questions)