OLSAT Summary
What: The Otis Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) screens students for gifted programs or advanced schooling.
Who: Pearson Education Inc publishes the OLSAT.
Where: Pre-K children are given the exam on an individual basis and school districts administer the OLSAT to children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Several testing centers also offer the OLSAT.
When: Testing for public and non-public schools generally occur on various days in October and January. Dates may vary by school district.
How: Children below 2nd grade will be given the exam orally and 2nd graders will be given the exam partially in writing and part verbally. 3rd graders and above will take the OLSAT entirely in written format.
Type: Scantron or bubble sheets are used for the OLSAT. A number two pencil is required.
Why: The test is used to identify students who are academically advanced.
Time: Approximately one hour.
Language: English
Preparation: Several companies offer test preparation bundles for different grade levels. Sample tests for the OLSAT can also be purchased.
Cost: Private schools may charge to administer the OLSAT but most public schools will administer it for free.

OLSAT Practice Test Sample Questions

OLSAT Practice Test