The Landscape Architecture Registration Exam Guide

The Landscape Architecture Registration Exam Summary
What: The Landscape Architect Registration Exam (LARE) is offered by CLARB to insure that candidates have sufficient knowledge in landscape architectural skills and practices prior to obtaining licensure in order to protect the safety, health and welfare of the
Who: Individuals with a degree in landscape architecture that wish to become licensed in order to practice must take the LARE in order to obtain licensure.
Where: Some portions of the exam are given at CLARB computerized testing centers and in some states the exams are administered by the state board of registration and candidates need to check with the state to find locations.
When: LARE exams are given on the same dates throughout the country. The multiple choice sections are offered in March and September and the graphic vignette sections are offered in June and December.
How: The multiple choice sections of the exam are computerized and the graphic vignettes are drafted on paper.
Type: There are 5 portions of the LARE.
Why: In order to be licensed as a landscape architect, all portions of the LARE must be passed. This helps to enforce minimum knowledge and skill requirements to protect the safety, health and welfare of the public. Other licensing requirements are determined
Time: Time limits for various portions differ.
Language: LARE exams are offered in English.
Preparation: There are numerous study guides, practice exams, reference materials and test prep courses to help prepare for the exam.
Cost: Each portion of the Landscape Architect Registration Exam differs in price and ranges between $192 and $407 per section.

By Andrea Cohen, Tests.com Contributing Writer

The Landscape Architect Registration Exam (LARE) is required to license landscape architects in 49 states. The exam is offered by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) and sets minimum standards for skills, knowledge and ability of landscape architects in order to protect the public safety, health and welfare. The exam is just one portion of obtaining licensure as a landscape architect. Each state registration board has its own specific requirements for licensing, including minimum educational requirements, satisfying a certain amount or type of experience, and displaying knowledge of specific local laws and practices.

LARE Exam Format
The LARE is made up of five sections. Three sections are multiple-choice questions and are computerized, and the other two sections are comprised of graphic vignettes which require drafted solutions. The multiple-choice sections include Project and Construction Administration (70 questions), Inventory, Analysis and Program Development (90 questions) and Design and Construction Documentation (120 questions). The graphic sections include Site Design (4 vignettes) and Grading, Drainage and Stormwater Management (4 vignettes). The multiple-choice sections of the exam have time limits of between one hour and forty-five minutes and three hours. The graphic sections of the exam each have a five-hour time limit.

LARE Exam Registration
For multiple choice sections of the exam, CLARB establishes registration deadlines, but for graphic sections that are administered by state boards, the individual state determines its own registration deadlines. Registration should be made directly to either CLARB or the state registration board, depending on which is administering the exam.

LARE exams are administered on specific dates determined by CLARB and are on the same dates in every state. The multiple choice sections are given at computer testing centers, and the graphic sections are administered by state registration boards or by CLARB at CLARB test centers. Candidates should contact their local state registration board for accurate information about locations and schedules. Graphic section exam dates are usually in June and December, and multiple choice section exam dates are in March and September.

Fees for the multiple choice section of the exams are $192, $227 and $317 for different sections. Fees for CLARB-administered graphic sections of the test are $407 per section. Fees may vary for graphic section exams administered by individual state boards.

Candidates must bring one form of current and valid identification that includes a photo and signature and has the exact name as the one that was used on registration materials. Candidates may also bring a calculator, sketch paper and a smooth drawing surface.

LARE Scores
Multiple-choice questions are all equally weighted and no points are subtracted for incorrect answers, so it is best to answer every question. Scores for multiple choice sections are available online about four weeks after the exam. Scores are reported as pass/fail only and if a candidate fails, more information is given about where they need to improve. Multiple-choice section scores are not automatically sent to licensing boards, but candidates may request that they be transmitted.

The graphic sections of the exam are manually scored by licensed landscape architects during a grading session. All graders are provided with evaluation criteria and attend a training session. Each exam is graded independently by two separate graders. Then a specific score is determined to decide pass/fail criteria for each section. It takes about 10 to 12 weeks for graphic section scores to be sent to individual licensing boards, who will then forward scores on to candidates. Scores in this section also are reported as pass/fail only, and if a candidate fails, more information is given about where they need to improve.

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