2021 Edition


The Health Occupations Basic Entrance Test V (HOBET V) functions as an entrance exam to determine whether a candidate gets accepted into a school focussing on health care, such as nursing, radiology and dental hygiene, and it can serve as a placement test, determining what course of study or level of study is appropriate based on the candidate’s test results.  The HOBET V is both an aptitude test and a test that measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills in such subjects as math, reading comprehension, science and English. 

General Exam Information
The HOBET V is administered by Assessment Technologies Institute LLC (ATI Allied Health).  The test is given at certain school locations around the country as well as at some PSI test centers. 
The content areas that the HOBET V evaluates include knowledge in such areas as grammar, math, science, reading comprehension and critical thinking. The difficulty level is approximately that found on high school exams in the 10th through 12th grade.  The test consists of 170 multiple-choice questions and lasts approximately 209 minutes.  The test is web based and taken on a computer.  Of the 170 questions, 20 questions are on a trial-basis and are not scored.  Therefore, a candidate’s score is based on 150 questions. 

The HOBET V includes four categories which are as follows:

  1. Essential Math Skills
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Basic Science Concepts and Vocabulary
  4. English and Language Usage

Essential Math Skills
There are 30 multiple choice questions to be answered in about 60 minutes in this section.  The content areas include topics such as basic math, intermediate math, fractions, percents and ratios, algebra and advanced algebra. The use of calculators is not permitted. Students are allowed to use scratch paper for carrying out calculations.

Reading Comprehension
The reading comprehension test section assesses the ability of students to comprehend written material. It presents passages followed by multiple-choice questions on the passage. There are 42 multiple choice questions asked in this section, which must be answered in about 30 minutes. The difficulty level of the passages is basically geared to a 10th grade level of education, which is considered necessary for college entry. No prior knowledge is required to understand the content of the passages.

Basic Science Concepts and Vocabulary
The science portion of the exam will consist of 48 questions covering such subjects as human body science, biology, chemistry, physics and scientific reasoning. 

English and Language Usage
The English and Language Usage test section is designed to test your abilities in written communication. It tests your knowledge of grammar, punctuation, words in context and spelling. There are typically about 30 multiple-choice questions on the written expression portion of the exam.  Some colleges do not require a score in this section for admission purposes.

Applying for the Exam
Check with student services at your school for how to register online. If you are in a nursing program, most schools recommend you take certain curriculum courses before you register to take the HOBET V.
You may also register for the HOBET V through the ATI website at HOBET V registration or at the PSI website.

Visit the HOBET Directory to better prepare yourself for your test.

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