The Employment Aptitude and Assessment Test Guide

Employment aptitude or assessment tests are tests given by employers to prospective employees. The exams are used to evaluate a candidate's strengths and weaknesses in different skills. Exams may be used to test one's skills in reading, computers, typing or other administrative tasks, or they may assess one's intelligence, technical aptitude, management potential, personality, personal ethics or team skills.

Employment tests benefit both employers and employees. For one, they protect employers and help them to choose the best candidate for the job. Employers can save time on training, prevent theft or other misconduct and prevent turnover.

Employment tests are also a benefit to an employment candidate, as they help ensure that candidates are placed in positions for which they are best suited. This helps increase job satisfaction and eliminates wasted time during the job search.

Aptitude and assessment tests are typically administered during the interview process at the employer's location. Many tests are computerized, though others are pencil-and-paper exams or tests of demonstration. Employers generally bear the cost of employment exams.

Interpretation of scores on employment aptitude exams is completely subjective. Every employer will seek different strengths and weaknesses depending on the position in question. Some employers may be most interested in candidates' ability to work with Excel, while others will be interested in someone who fits in best with the work environment or other employees.

While it is impossible to prepare for employment tests that assess one's personality or morals, job candidates can prepare for other tests by practicing typing, learning how to use standard word processing and spreadsheet programs or brushing up on their administrative skills in general.

Account Manager Test

Account Manager Test