CTP Test Guide

The CTP Test Summary
What: The CTP exam certifies treasury and corporate finance accountants.
Who: Candidates with two years of full-time financial experience are eligible for the exam.
Where: The test is offered at PearsonVUE Technology Centers in the US and Canada.
When: The exam is offered year-round through multiple testing windows.
How: The exam is multiple-choice.
Type: The exam is computer-based.
Why: The exam is required for professional accountants to earn the CTP designation.
Language: English
Preparation: Many test guides and preparation materials are available for purchase.
Cost: The exam carries a $186 application fee and a $410 exam fee (non-members are also assessed an additional $395 fee).

By Erin Hasinger, Tests.com


The Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) exam offers successful test candidates a professional certification in treasury and corporate finance. Administered by the Association for Financial Professionals, the CTP exam measures a candidate’s mastery of corporate liquidity and capital and risk management skills.


The CTP exam is comprised of 170 multiple-choice questions. The exam is divided into seven sections:


  • Part 1: Background and Environment of Treasury Management
    • The Role of Treasury Management (3 questions)
    • Treasury Organizational Structure (2 questions)
    • Financial Environment (6 questions)
  • Part 2: General Financial Analysis
    • Financial Accounting (7 questions)
    • Financial Planning and Analysis (8 questions)
  • Part 3: Liquidity Management
    • Working Capital Management (7 questions)
    • Working Capital Tools (9 questions)
    • Payment Systems (10 questions)
    • Cash Management (13 questions)
    • Short-Term Investing and Financing Decisions (10 questions)
  • Part 4: Treasury Technology
    • Treasury Management Systems (5 questions)
    • Electronic Commerce (7 questions)
  • Part 5: Long-Term Finance
    • Sources of Capital (9 questions)
    • Capital Structure and Dividend Policy (7 questions)
  • Part 6: Global Finance
    • Global Treasury Environment (5 questions)
    • Global Treasury Organization and Liquidity Management (8 questions)
  • Part 7: Other Areas of Treasury Management
    • Financial Risk Management (9 questions)
    • Operational and Insurance Risk Management (8 questions)
    • Corporate Governance and Ethics (7 questions)
    • Retirement Fund Management (5 questions)
    • Relationship Management (5 questions)

Exam candidates are required to have at least two years of full-time professional financial work experience. For candidates with less than two years of experience, a graduate degree in finance or two years of full-time college-level financial teaching experience may count for one year of work experience.


Full-time college students can take the CTP exam to earn a Certified Treasury Professional Associate (CTPA) credential. After two years of full-time work experience and continuing education credits, they can transition from the CTPA to the CTP credential.


To register for the exam, candidates should visit www.afponline.org to request the Candidate Information Bulletin and then complete an online application that includes an eligibility form. Test candidates must also pay for the exam at this time. Two fees are assessed: a $186 application fee and a $410 exam fee. For test candidates who are not members of the Association for Financial Professionals, an additional $395 fee is included.


Within a week following successful application approval, test candidates will be sent an Authorization to Test. This will include instructions for scheduling an exam and finding a local test center. CTP exams are administered at PearsonVUE Technology Centers, more than 4,000 of which can be found in the United States and Canada.


Exam candidates who successfully pass the exam will be mailed a certificate approximately four to six weeks following the test date.


To find test preparation materials, such as workbooks and study guides, please visit our CTP Test Directory.