Mike Clark, Drug Test Expert

Mike Clark has a bachelor of science degree in business and is continuing his education in the fields of business and drug testing. He is a certified drug test collector and trainer. Mr. Clark is currently the president of Nationwide Testing Association Inc.

How did you initially get into the field of drug testing?
HR work for clients needing background checks and drug testing.

Can a drug test detect the quantity of drugs in a person's system, or does it simply indicate whether drugs are present or not?
The test detects the quantity of the metabolite that the persons body has produced for the specific drug and by having this information the Medical Review Officer can determine the use.

What is the most effective method of drug testing (i.e. urine, hair testing, etc.)?
All of the above plus saliva, and sweat.

In regard to workplace drug testing, what types of businesses and companies typically require their employees to get drug tested?
Most all companies need to have drug tests and background checks of their employees. Some companies are required by the government and other by contracts.

What kind of training is necessary to analyze a drug test?
The lab has specific training for each job and the MRO (Medical Review Officer and those associates involved in reporting also have training that is necessary.

How can a consumer determine whether or not a drug testing laboratory is credible? Are there any indicators or labels of certification that would help them in choosing a reliable company?
The companies can provide the client with proof of accreditation. Some products have the information in the box when shipped to the client.

What is the most significant piece of advice you can offer to consumers regarding drug tests?

Do not do illegal drugs and you will have no worries with employment and possibly less health risks.

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