Elina Smith, Drug Test Expert

Elina Smith is the CEO/President of All In One Drug Testing Services and is certified in both hair follicle and urine collection for drug testing. Prior to her current position, Ms. Smith worked in the health care industry for over 10 years.

How did you get initially get into the field of drug testing?
The reason I decided to get into this field is because I want to help both parents and employers prevent and deter drug use in our homes, workplace and in our community.

Can a drug test detect the quantity of drugs in a person's system, or does it simply indicate whether drugs are present or not?
Yes, you can detect the cutoff levels of drug in a person’s system, including amphetamines, methamphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine, benzoylecgonine, opiates, codeine, morphine, heroine, PCP and marijuana.

What is the most effective method of drug testing (i.e. urine, hair testing, etc.)?
Testing the urine and hair are very effective ways of drug testing an individual depending on what they want to test for. Hair follicle testing can detect habitual drug use during the previous 90 days. Urine testing can detect less habitual usage, but is subject to the window of exposure for each drug, which can be anywhere from 3 to 30 days.

In regard to workplace drug testing, what types of businesses and companies typically require their employees to get drug tested?
Some companies are required by the Department of Transportation to drug test their employees, such as school bus drivers, truckers, railroad workers and contractors, etc.

I read on your website that your company offers an in-home drug testing program. How does this work?
Our in-home drug testing kits include a guide for the parent to educate themselves of the signs of substance abuse and long term effects of using drugs. Also, it comes with an instant 10-panel drug-testing cup that tests for the 10 most commonly-abused drugs. We also provide parents with a list of local resources including rehab centers, therapists, counselors and addiction specialists, as well as a written agreement between the parents and child (Family Pledge).

How can a consumer determine whether or not a drug testing laboratory is credible? Are there any indicators or labels of certification that would help them in choosing a reliable company?
We work with both SAMHSA and non-SAMHSA certified laboratories, all of which adhere to the highest of drug testing standards and accreditations. Employers need to take a serious look at the facts:

- 1 in 10 employees is a drug-using employee;
- 65% of accidents are due to a drug-using employee
- Each drug-using employee costs their employer $13,000

A solid workplace drug testing program will bring:
- A drug positive rate decrease of 50%-80% in the first year
- Increase in employee morale
- Lower accident rates
- Decreased employee turnover

What is the most significant piece of advice you can offer to consumers regarding drug tests?
I encourage every business owner to do due diligence by implementing a drug-free workplace policy. I always tell people, you work so hard to build up your business, why let someone with a drug problem tear it down? It only takes one drug user to put you out of business.

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