Stock Clerk Tests

Test Summary: Assessments aimed at measuring a candidate's proficiency within entry-level retail positions for which tasks include replenishing supplies and products, maintaining stockroom organization, unloading product shipments and processing outgoing shipments (Versions of tests available: Short Form and General).

Test Specifications:
  • Test Name: Stock Clerk Tests
  • Job Level (depending on test version): Entry-level Retail
  • Test Publisher: SHL
  • Uses: Assess the candidate's proficiency in regards to tasks within entry-level retail positions
  • Estimated Testing Time: 25 minutes (Short Form); 25 minutes screening, 27 minutes selection (General).
  • Test Format: Multiple choice, multiple choice -- adaptive
Abilities, Knowledge & Skills Measured (Depending on Test Version):
  • Conscientiousness, Achievement Orientation, Learning Potential
  • Retail Professionalism, Following Instructions