ICD-9 and CPT Coding (Hospital) Test

Test Summary: An assessment aimed at measuring a candidate's proficiency in regards to the manuals of Current Procedural Terminology Coding, Health Care Financing Administrators Common Procedure Coding System and the International Classification of Diseases. Important to be noted is that results from the test do not imply in any way that the candidate is able or licensed to practice any health care related duties under any applicable law.

Test Specifications:
  • Test Name: ICD-9 and CPT Coding (Hospital) Test
  • Test Publisher: SHL
  • Uses: Assess the candidate's proficiency in regards to ICD-9 and CPTC Manuals
  • Job Level: Medical Office Professional
  • Number of Questions: 30
  • Estimated Testing Time: 26 minutes (90 minutes allowed)
  • Test Format: Multiple-Choice -- Adaptive
Abilities, Knowledge & Skills Measured:
  • CPT-4 and HCPCS Basics, as well as the ability to utilize them
  • ICD-9-CM Basics, as well as utilizing it
  • Coding and IPPS, as well as OPPS
  • Practice Coding- both Inpatient and Outpatient