Director/Senior Manager Tests

Test Summary: Assessments aimed at senior-level managerial positions, where it is expected to having profit or loss responsibility, manage managers or supervisors, and work along company goals (Versions of Tests Available: One Sitting Proctored, One Sitting Unproctored, and Two Sittings).

Test Specifications:
  • Test Name: Director/Senior Manager Tests
  • Job Level (depending on test version): Mid to Senior-Level Jobs
  • Test Publisher: SHL
  • Uses: Assess the candidate's proficiency regarding responsibilities involved in a senior-level managerial position
  • Estimated Testing Time: 55 minutes (One Sitting Proctored); 35 minutes (One Sitting Unproctored); 30 minutes Screening, 55 minutes Selection (Two-Sittings)
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice
Abilities, Knowledge & Skills Measured (Depending on Test Version):
  • Business Acumen, Drive for Results, and Building Relationships
  • Director Potential and Judgment and Self-Motivation