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By: Erin Hasinger, Tests.com


A number of different exams are offered to business professionals who are seeking certification in their respective field. Certification programs can be found in marketing, sales and management, among other sectors. No matter what kind of business one conducts, certification is an ideal way to showcase one’s knowledge and skills, and it helps to demonstrate that one is keeping current with industry trends as well as one’s personal commitment to professional development.


Certification is generally earned following a passing score on a certification exam. Some certification programs include a training course as part of the certification process.


Management Exams

Management certification programs include the Six Sigma program and those offered by the International Board of Standards Graduate Society of Management Accreditation Standards Council, including Certified Strategic Management Analyst (CSMA), Master Business Consultant (MBC), Master Management Consultant (MMC) and Certified Leadership Consultant (CLC).


Six Sigma is offered by many different organizations throughout the world, and each program is different. All programs focus on the Six Sigma management model, which covers both DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve and control) and DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design and verify). Business leaders can pursue four levels of certification: yellow belt, green belt, black belt and master black belt. Each level builds upon strategies and techniques covered in the previous level.


The International Board of Standards Graduate Society of Management Accreditation Standards Council certifications are granted either through one’s successful proving of experience and education or through a certification exam. For each certification, a candidate must have a college degree from an accredited program that is approved by the organization, three years of professional experience in the area of certification, and they must commit to eight hours of annual continuing education. Those who do not meet the requirements can take a certification exam. Exams are offered online through Brainbench.com, and score reports can be mailed to the Graduate Society of Management for verification and subsequent certification.


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Marketing Exams

Certifications for marketers include those for marketing managers and executives and for those who work in professional services marketing. The Certified Marketing Executive (CME) certification exam, for example, includes questions on marketing management, strategy, ethics and professional skills. The Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) certification exam includes questions on market research, marketing plans, client/business development, proposals, promotions and organization management.


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Sales Exams

Sales & Marketing & Executives International (SMEI) is a professional membership association that offers two certification programs for those who work in sales, one for salespersons and one for sales managers and executives.


The Certified Sales Executive certification program leads to the CSE designation. The exam is designed for sales managers, directors and executives. Test subjects include organization and management, personnel, sales and marketing and ethics.


The Certified Professional Salesperson program leads to the SCPS designation and is designed for account managers and sales reps. Test questions cover foundation skills, planning, execution and ethics.

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