Attention Tests, Memory Tests

The Target Tests of Executive Functioning sample multiple and important areas of Executive Control including: Working Memory, Activating/Inhibiting, Shifting/Flexibility, Planning/Organizing, Metacognition, Emotional Control and Sustained Effort. While each of the Target Tests share some overlap in the areas mentioned above, they also uniquely assess more specific executive demands. For Example, Target Tracking (below) is highly loaded to visual spatial working memory.

INSTRUCTIONS: Target Tracking has 5 large and 5 smaller colored shapes arranged as seen here. When you click begin, some of the small shapes will move, one at a time, to a larger shape at the bottom in a specific order. When the move is complete the shapes will return to the top and you will then be able to "drag and drop" to re-create the move sequence. The object is to watch each sequence and to remember which was first, second, third, etc, and then repeat the moves in the same order that they occurred. Once a shape is placed on another shape and “dropped”, it cannot be moved again. There is also a reasonable time limit before a new cycle will begin.

Target Sequencing (below), is more loaded for sequential working memory.

INSTRUCTIONS: This test has six colored circles spread out on the screen in different patterns. When the test begins you will see a small colored square appear and disappear in a particular sequence through each of the circles. At times the square color will match the circle and at other times it will be a different color. You must remember the instances when the square and circle match in color, and after the circles are re-set, to click on those circles in the same order that they matched. Color matches can occur in 3, 4, 5 and 6 steps.

The C-VerDS Digit Span tasks exercises verbal working memory. Scientists refer to working memory as the cognitive system that allows the temporary storage and manipulation of information. Verbal working memory samples the storage system and a rehearsal system. Participants may find themselves mentally rehearsing the string of digits as they are heard: This is the rehearsal system in action. Verbal working memory is involved in many everyday tasks, from remembering a friend's telephone number while entering it into a phone, to understanding long and difficult sentences. In general Verbal Digit Span Forward samples the skills described above while Digit Span Backwards requires more attention, working memory and use of strategies to hold the information while reversing it.

These sample tests are "lite" versions of some of the actual tests in the battery. The full battery consists of 13 tests with many different versions to keep the workout fresh. Learn how to Jump Start your Brain Training at